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    “Grown globally, roasted by locals” reflects the notion that coffee exists in two distinct worlds; in essence, working in parallel to each other. We acknowledge our position in the local, community coffee scene, working hard to cultivate relationships and knowledge in our own world, while supporting producing countries and their communities of coffee growers by supporting ethical, transparent importers who treat farmers as partners.

    We established Parallel Roasters in 2016 to provide a high quality, reliable local option for top grade, meticulously roasted coffee. The Brisbane scene has long looked elsewhere (Sydney and Melbourne) as the source of quality, but we feel Brisbane is growing into an independent and self-sufficient scene.

    We believe coffee is not complicated, and doesn’t need to be. We are here to show people coffee should be approachable and accessible. We believe quality and simplicity are great partners. Through simple techniques and systems, everyone, from cafes to home brewers, should be able to drink great coffee!


    Ben Graham, Director
    Somewhat of a dreamer, Ben had always harboured ambitions to own his own cafe, and after spending time honing his skills in some of Sydney’s finest establishments, he brought a fierce emphasis on service and quality to Brisbane and opened a string of successful businesses. It was during his time operating The Single Guys that he developed his roasting skills, workshopping with luminaries of the Melbourne and Sydney coffee scene. Parallel Roasters is the culmination of all his experience - a quality focussed, globally aware business that thrives on relationships based around great service and response. When you can get him away from the drum kit.

    Chris Bancroft

    Chris Bancroft, Operations Manager
    Chris likes excellent things. Whether it's studying jazz guitar, drinking natural wine or brewing coffee, if it's not excellent, it's not worth it. Balancing gigs as an in-demand guitarist while maintaining the day-to-day operations at the roastery and taking care of customers' needs, he thrives on the pursuit of pushing the quality of our offering forward. Chris loves solving problems. Whatever your situation or circumstance, he will find a way to get the best outcome for you and your business.